Blüthner pianos

The Golden Tone

The Piano Agency is delighted to have been appointed as an Approved Blüthner Representative and to be able to introduce this excellent range of top quality pianos to our customers.

Blüthner model 1 concert grand piano in ebony polished finish

Model 1 in ebony polished finish

Founded by Julius Blüthner in 1853 in Leipzig, the Blüthner name has enjoyed an enviable reputation for over 150 years, and in the opinion of many world famous artists and musical connoisseurs, has reached the pinnacle of perfection.

Blüthner model 6 concert grand piano in Bubinga polished finish

Model 6 in bubinga polished finish

Blüthner pianos offer a range of Grand and Upright Pianos for the discerning pianist. Six models of Grand Piano are available offering a range of lengths from 280 cm (9′2″) to 154 cm (5′1″). Three models of Upright Piano are also available. Blüthner pianos offer a wide range of finishes to suit decor and personal style.

Blüthner model B concert upright piano in ebony polished finish

Model B in ebony polished finish

Martin will, of course, be able to offer any advice you require when making your choice of Blüthner piano, and we would be delighted to make arrangements for you to visit the Blüthner Showroom to view and play these beautiful pianos.

A Blüthner represents an investment in your future, providing outstanding value, and becoming a beloved asset to future generations. For more information, or to arrange a visit to The Blüthner Showroom, please contact us.