Piano inspections

Buying a piano from a web site can be a great idea - but can also be a huge gamble. Don't take the risk! If you find a piano on a web site which you would like to purchase - contact The Piano Agency for a full assessment of your chosen instrument.

Martin inspecting piano

The Piano Agency is also happy to offer the Piano Inspection Service to anyone making a piano purchase from a private individual or dealer - just for that added peace of mind!

We will make sure that the piano is technically sound, and will check the overall condition. A written report will then be submitted to you.

The Piano Agency can give you the confidence to make the right decision - not the worry of making a big mistake!

Please see the map below to see if the Piano Inspection service is available in the area where your chosen piano is located.

map of area covered by The Piano Agency

If we can provide the assessment -

Contact us for more information.
We are always happy to help.